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Custom Web Site design and Hosting.
We offer complete Web Site design, and individualized web page optimization. We utilize reliable digital technologies to create html web pages and/or a complete cyber environment that will be attractive, memorable, and motivational to your site's visitors.


Domain Name and Web Site Hosting
We utilize fast servers that are maintained and monitored 24 hrs/day, 7 days/week, 24/7, by computer professionals, and are backed by uninterruptible Power Supplies. These servers utilize high-bandwidth technology, that are “multi-homed’ and employ direct optical links to the major Internet backbones.

Corporate Logo design for the Digital Age
In the New Millennium of Digital Information Technology, a logo or graphic needs to be optimized to present well in both the Digital Realm of the Internet, and in Print Media. Simply scanning a graphic into a computer and posting it to your web page does not mean it will still look good when displayed on the diversity of computer monitors of your web site visitors. We have the experience to transform and optimize print graphics for display in the diverse digital arena of the Web.

Digital Video Editing for Web Sites
Digitizing and optimizing a video signal for streaming and presentation across the internet. We use non-linear editing to prepare it for advanced media streaming in the latest compressed digital video codec. We can also host your video on advanced media servers dedicated specifically for streaming media across the internet utilizing IntelliFlow technology to optimize speed to bandwidth proficiency.

eCommerce Site design with secure Shopping Cart
Storefront type secure shopping cart with SSL secure sockets layer, backed by Microsoft Access DataBase or SQL server. We can help with online payment processing for your credit card merchant account for, Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express, etc.

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